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Scott Bauer CEO, Prosper Trading Academy

Take your trading education to the next level by learning directly from expert coaches. Former floor traders, prop traders, brokers, and other financial professionals bring you inside their Live Signal Rooms to reveal their trading secrets, methods, and strategies. We offer an array of different asset classes to choose from, and a variety of different ways to learn.
Industry Leading Instructors

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* * * * *      Harry Singleton

Wonderful support and insights
The interaction with the traders and support staff is excellent. Traders respond to questions in short time. In addition, all questions are answered regardless of the level of understanding of the students. Over the last 18 months, I have had occasions when I have had to step away from the academy due to emergencies. The staff has been very good to help me get back up to previous levels. I would highly recommend Prosper.

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* * * * *      Greg Luerkens

Prosper Trading is the BEST Trading Education Program
Prosper Trading is the absolute best Trading education program I have found. If you're looking for value, this is the place to be. I went from never trading to consistently making money. You can learn to trade stocks, options, FOREX, etc. and learn from an experienced expert trading along with you, and do it at your own pace. You'll get no promises of getting rich quick, but rather you'll learn a REAL, understandable system to make consistent winning trades while minimizing your risk. The instructors are experienced floor traders, are experts in their individual disciplines, and once on board, you're truly one of the team. There's nothing better than learning along side of an expert that you know has your back. Prosper Trading is an incredible investment in yourself!

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* * * * *      Rick Wittenberger

The best trading resource I've found
I’ve been an active trader for about 18 years. Most of my trades and learning came from various trading publications, and were primarily based on fundamentals. About 5½ years ago, I joined the stocks room of Trading Advantage, the predecessor to Prosper. I wanted to learn more about trading on technical signals, by doing actual trades. Six months later, I joined the options room as well. The profit on my 2nd option trade was 2.7 times the amount I paid for that membership, so I concluded I was in the right place. I learned how to trade spreads and multi-legged options, which I knew little about previously. I found that the instructors not only teach you how to trade their particular specialties, but they also teach you the discipline necessary to do so successfully. They provide in-depth explanations, and go over the lesson until you understand it. They not only answer any and all questions you have, but they make sure you understand the answer. They are very knowledgable and experienced traders themselves, and are frequently on the business TV channels. As teachers, they are among the best I've ever had, regardless of subject. I would recommend Prosper Trading Academy to anyone who wants to learn to trade any market, or just make some extra money to supplement your regular income. If you just want to do the trades, without participating in all the classes, you can do that too.

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